2023 Joe Jozwiak Award Winner: EDWARD “GUS” KOSIOR

Edward “Gus” Kosior was born and brought up in the Village of Florida, N.Y, right down the street from Jimmy Sturr. He grew up listening to Polka Music on the local radio station and at his high school dances. He and Jimmy went to school together at their local High School. When Jimmy thought of starting UNITED POLKA ARTISTS, he thought of Gus coming in as a partner. It happened back in 1969. Since that time Gus has booked hundreds of Polka Bands throughout the years. He booked all the Polka Bands for such events as the famed All-American Polkafest in Vernon, N.J. which drew thousands of people He booked the Bands at many other festivals such as the Oktoberfests at Hunter Mountain. When Jimmy and the Band were booked at casinos throughout the country, including Las Vegas, Atlantic City and many others around the country, they would also book bands to perform with Jimmy. Gus booked them all. At one time Gus had his own weekly radio show. He also played trumpet in the high school band. United Polka started running Polka weekends in the Catskills back in 1969. They have run them every year since that time. Gus booked all the bands. They have also booked Polka weekends throughout the country where other bands performed with Jimmy. Gus booked them all. He is also the Band Manager for the Jimmy Sturr Orchestra plus drives the JS Band Bus. He sets up and directs all the Jimmy Sturr Christmas Shows and directs all the band’s concerts throughout the country. It would be hard to find someone who has done more for the Polka Field than “Gus” Kosior.

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