IPA Hall of Fame and Awards Committee

IPA Polka Music Hall of Fame and Awards Committee

Originally, a chairman, appointed by the IPA president, managed all the IPA Hall of Fame and Music Awards business and provided leadership to the Board of Trustees. In the fall of 2014, an IPA Hall of Fame and Music Awards Committee was established by the IPA president, with authority granted by Article I, Section 2. of the IPA’s bylaws, to oversee and make recommendations to improve the Hall of Fame and music awards processes and enhance communication between the Executive Board and the Board of Trustees. The original committee comprised three members: the IPA 2nd Vice-President, one IPA director, and one IPA trustee. The director and trustee were appointed by the IPA president with the concurrence of the Executive Board. It was understood that the members of the committee would serve three-year terms and could be replaced over time as a result of completions of terms, future elections, new appointments, resignations, etc.

In the fall of 2020, the IPA President, with the concurrence of the Executive Board, chose to expand the committee to five members. This was done in order to create better representation from the diverse genres within the polka music industry, leverage additional experience and best practices, foster greater collaboration, better manage the workload, and to increase accuracy, transparency, and timely communication in all efforts. The new committee comprises five IPA Polka Hall of Fame inductees, one of whom must be a current trustee. The Executive Board decided that its officers and directors would no longer serve on the committee moving forward. One of the committee members serves as the liaison between the committee and the Executive Board. This person ensures all committee efforts are in keeping with established standard operating procedures and tasks are accomplished timely. He/she will be responsible to regularly update the Executive Board regarding the status of all Hall of Fame/Music Awards activities and process enhancements. Another committee member, who must be a trustee, serves as the liaison between the committee and the Board of Trustees. He/she engages fellow trustees (via meetings, telecons, email messaging, etc.) to1) ensure compliance with their position requirements; 2) review Polka Hall of Fame candidate biographies to assess their eligibility for placement on the ballot; 3) deliberate and select the Polka Hall of Fame Pioneer inductees and Trustees Award recipients; and 4) participate in the annual public recognition of Hall of Fame inductees and award winners. Another committee member manages the annual IPA Polka Music Awards, which includes: 1) overseeing the band registration and recording submission process; 2) working with the IPA web specialist to post musical tracks and information to be referenced by electors when voting; and 3) communicating instructions and deadlines via all available media channels. Any of these duties may be shared with other committee members as needed to ensure the timely completion of all tasks. Other members may be tasked with various duties and projects that include maintaining the accuracy of the Trustees/Electors master contact list, adopting current technologies to improve processes, improving communication within the polka music industry, etc.  

Trustee and Academy of Electors

Currently, there are 13 IPA Trustees, each of whom also perform as an elector. Each trustee oversees 14 other electors creating an Academy of Electors of 195 regular members plus any Emeritus Trustee voters. Retiring trustees in good standing may be granted emeritus status by the committee in order to maintain their voting privileges. Each trustee represents a geographic area (as described below), with the exception of one Trustee At-Large who oversees electors chosen from anywhere across the country.

With recommendations from the committee, the IPA President appoints each IPA trustee who is expected to serve a six-year term. Electors are appointed by trustees for three-year terms. Trustees in good standing may serve up to two terms, with any additional terms approved by the committee. Similarly, electors may serve up to three terms with additional terms requiring committee approval. The master list of electors is not to be published or shared with the general public. Beginning November 1, 2014, all trustees and electors must be able to communicate via email and access the Internet in order to perform their duties. The primary duty of all electors is to vote in the annual IPA Polka Hall of Fame and Music Awards balloting. Failure to do so may result in their trustee replacing them with another elector. All committee members and trustees ultimately serve at the pleasure of the IPA President.   

Trustee AreaStates/CountriesCurrent Trustee
N/AAt LargeKevin Adams
NorthernCanada, Western NY (to Syracuse), AlaskaJohn Gora
NortheasternMA, RI, VT, NH, MEJackie Libera
Long Island SoundCT, Long Island NYPete Danielczuk
New York/MetroEastern NY, Eastern PA, NJJimmy Sturr
Penn/OhioOH, Western PA (to Scranton), WVKen Olowin
SoutheasternMD, DE, VA, NC, SC, GA, FLMike Matousek
Midwest (East)MI, IN, KYMark Janson
Midwest (Central)IL, MOTish Blazonczyk
Midwest (North)MN, WI, IAGary Brueggen
SouthernTX, OK, NM, AK, LA, MS, TN, AL, MexicoDanny Zapletal
NorthwesternND, SD, NE, KS, MT, WY, COChuck Stastny
PacificCA, WA, OR, AZ, NV, UT, ID, HIDave Boczkiewicz

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