IPA Hall of Fame Nomination Submission

Each year, the International Polka Association recognizes select polka professionals, living and deceased, with induction into the IPA Polka Hall of Fame. The Board of Trustees reviews the qualifications of Hall of Fame nominees to determine if they meet the criteria for placement on the ballot. An academy of 195 electors from across the country uses these ballots to determine those to be inducted in the annual voting cycle. To submit a candidate for IPA Hall of Fame consideration, please follow the directions below by December 31st.


If you are submitting a new nomination for the IPA Hall of Fame, please select: "New IPA Hall of Fame Submission." If you would like to update an existing biography that has been previously submitted, please select: "Existing Biography Update." If you are updating a previously submitted biography and would like a copy of the previous biography, you can send an email to halloffame@ipapolkas.com.


Those who desire to nominate themselves or other candidates for IPA Polka Hall of Fame induction consideration must provide a biography of the nominee, not to exceed 1,000 words or two single-spaced pages. The narrative must address these three key areas:

Eligible nominees must have 25 years or more of dedicated professional experience in the polka industry. Document this experience with specific dates citing service with bands, media shows, organizations, festivals, etc. as appropriate.

Awards, Accomplishments, Achievements
Eligible nominees must have received recognition in the polka music industry regionally or nationally. Document significant accomplishments, national awards, major media projects (recordings, TV, radio, Internet, motion pictures, videos, etc.), high-profile events, and any other successful polka-related endeavors.

Contributions toward Preserving and Advancing the Polka Music Industry
In keeping with the mission of the IPA, eligible nominees must have contributed to the preservation and advancement of the polka music industry. Document any polka organization support, official service on polka music boards/committees, polka promotional efforts, cultural or charitable activities, or any other altruistic work that resulted in the enhancement of polka music’s image, the broadening of its audience, or its greater good.

Please attach the Biography at the following link: We are accepting documents in the following formats:
Microsoft Word: .DOC, or .DOCX
PDF Files: .PDF
Text Files: .TXT
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

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