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John (Jas) Stanley Przasnyski was born a twin on May 25, 1926, in Bristol, Connecticut. John was the eldest of the two boys.


After World War II, John attended the Julius Hartt School of Music in Hartford and learned to play the drums. From the point, he was attracted to the music business and though he held daytime jobs, his heart was all music. As a member of the popular Connecticut Twins, they produced 16 albums on the Stella label. The band traveled to many locations and played almost every major hotel in New York City.


John met his wife, Florence, at a dance at the Polish National Home in Hartford, Connecticut in October of 1954. They were married September 10, 1955 and had two daughters, Florence Christine and Diana Lynn. Diana and her husband Richard Kubena had two sons, Richard, who was age 14, and Robert, 8 years of age, at the time of John's induction in the Polka Music Hall of Fame.


As an outstanding drummer, John Przasnyski performed as a member of the Merry Makers, Connecticut Twins and later was leader of his own band operating under the name of Jas Przasnyski and then Johnny Praz Orchestra for 21 years. It is said that his great musical talent became apparent after he had formed his own band. As a tribute to his wife, Florence, he composed and recorded a song known as "Floppy Flo."


Under his own name name and personal leadership John made three more albums; two on the Starr label and the other for J.P. Records.


John was still very active and performing at the time of his demise from Leukemia on December 28, 1996. He was age 70.