2017 Joe Jozwiak Award Winner

On behalf of the International Polka Assocation’s Officers and Directors;

it is our privilege to announce Les Kapuscinski  from Oakville, Ontario, Canada

as the winner of the 2017 Joe Jozwiak Award!

When you think of people that really work hard at promoting polka music, and discussing this topic with others, there is one name that consistently is at the top of people’s list and that is Les Kapuscinski. Everyone knows Les as the “photo guy” who is consistently seen taking hundreds of pictures at all of the events big and small across the country and Canada, regardless of association, capturing the moments that bind us all. We have all seen Les’s work and know not only how much work & effort he puts in to making every picture beautiful, but also just how dedicated he is to capturing the essence of what this music and our culture is all about. One needs only to see or listen to people talk about his photos to understand the impact he has had on the youth in our industry as well as the promotion of so many events to not only polka people but also others through social media. Les, is one of the most selfless individuals you will meet. Les does not do this for accolades, and has never asked for any recognition of any type; he does it all for nothing but the love he has for all of us, our culture and promoting the music we all love. Les defines what the Joe Jozwiak award is all about.




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