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As the International Polka Association prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary, the organization is proud to announce the release of a historic recording: “Here’s a Gift”.  All Hall of Fame Inductees were invited to participate in this project, and the result included 39 Hall of Famers!  Never before has such a collection of polka stars come together to perform on the same song.

The song “Here’s a Gift”, written by Randy Koslosky with music performed by the IPA Tribute Band, tells of the greatness of polka music and discusses passing on that legacy.  This reflects the mission of the IPA and the work that these polka stars have carried out during their lives.

This has been a monumental endeavor from a logistic and engineering standpoint.  Laura Mateja has acted as executive producer in coordinating everyone involved. With Hall of Famers spread across the country, the project required recording sessions at 16 studios in 10 states and Canada. This was made possible through the generosity and cooperation of engineers and studio owners.  The lead engineer was Kevin Altenburg who had the daunting task of piecing together all of the contributed vocals,  mixing the music, and perfecting the overall sound.  All participants gave their time and talent without compensation to present this song as a complimentary gift for all to enjoy!  

The release of this recording is happening in anticipation of the IPA’s 50th anniversary celebration, set to occur at the IPA Festival and Convention on Labor Day weekend. It is the hope of all involved that the message of this song will resonate with all polka fans, uniting us through our shared experience of heritage, tradition, and love for this music.

And now we present . . . . . . . . . . . “Here’s a Gift”!


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HOF Singers/Participants:  

Starring 39 International Polka Association Hall of Fame Inductees!

Kevin Adams                     Chet Kowalkowski

Billy Belina                         Mollie Busta Lange

Eddie Biegaj                       Jackie Libera

Mitch Biskup                      Frankie Liszka

Frank Borzymowski          Wally Maduzia

Florian Chmielewski         Mike Matousek

Wally Dombrowski            Bruno Mikos

Craig Ebel                           Joe Oberaitis

Carl Finch                           Stephanie Pietrzak

Eddie Forman                    Dennis Polisky

John Furmaniak                Gary Rhamy

Stas Golonka                      Eddie Siwiec

John Gora                           Keith Stras

Lenny Gomulka                 Jimmy Sturr

Richie Gomulka                 Mark Trzepacz

Ed Guca                              Alfred Vrazel

Hank Haller                       Larry Walk

Ray Jay Jarusinski           Jimmy Weber

Johnny Karas                    Fred Ziwich

Randy Koslosky

Soloists in order of appearance:  
Lenny Gomulka, Mike Matousek, Jackie Libera
Ed Guca, Frank Liszka, Ray Jarusinski, Wally Dombrowski
John Gora, Kevin Adams, Johnny Karas, Jimmy Weber
Mitch Biskup, Chet Kowalkowski, Stephanie Pietrzak, Joe Oberaitis
Carl Finch, Mollie Busta Lange, Mark Trzepacz, Eddie Biegaj
Eddie Siwiec, Frank Borzymowski, Craig Ebel, Randy Koslosky



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