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Stanley J. Jasinski, one of Buffalo’s most outstanding public figures in the field of broadcasting, was born August 25, 1915 in Detroit, Michigan.


While still in high school as an amateur actor and script writer, Stanley began his broadcasting career.  As opportunity would have it, one day in 1934, he sat behind a microphone at Radio Station WEXL in Royal Oak, to fill in unexpectedly for an ailing colleague who was program host.  From that day forward, Stanley’s career was on solid ground.


From 1937-1940 he announced at WJDK in Detroit.  A genius at offering something for everyone, Stanley built a following that even survived his move to Buffalo, New York.  Good years at WBNY and WHLD preceded his new challenge in 1945 when he was drafted into the U.S. Army.  As a serviceman based in Germany, Stanley wrote, produced, and directed a variety of programs for the American Forces Network Radio Stations.  His tour of duty took him to Frankfurt, Kassel and Berlin.

In 1947, Stanley returned to Buffalo, but this time to supervise the construction of Radio Station WWOL in Lackawanna, New York.  While he served for three years there as manager and program director, he paid very close attention to the many-faceted physical and entrepreneurial aspects of organizational growth and development.  Why?  It has always been Stan’s dream to build and operate his own radio station.


This dream would be realized, but not for almost 14 years.  During those interim years, however, at WKBW and then WWOL, he developed an incredibly large listening audience and established amazingly high station ratings that remained unchallenged until the rock ’n roll era that took the air waves by storm.


In 1964, after a lengthy but rewarding application process, Stan Jasinski built Radio Station WMMJ and became its first President, General Manager, and majority stock holder.  In the same year, he organized Ultravision Broadcasting Company for the purpose of building the first independent commercial television station in Buffalo.  He successfully crossed career paths from radio to television when he became President and Director of WUTV, Channel 29.


Jasinski directed and hosted weekly programs on WXRL (the former WMMJ in Lancaster, NY.)

While Stanley was an energetic, vital public figure, as well as a loving, devoted husband and father.  His wife, Chestress, in turn offered him years of support and encouragement.  Mr. & Mrs. Jasinski had two daughters.  Michelle J. Marinello, Ph.D., is a cytogeneticist in the Department of Medicine at the Buffalo General Hospital.  Marie J. O’Connor, Ph.D., is Managing Director of the Hartford Symphony Orchestra in Hartford, Connecticut.  The Jasinski’s had one grandson, Jamie Marinello, a seventh grader at Cathedral School.


Stanley Jasinski, truly a legend in his own time, has passed away.