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Born on November 3, 1956 in Buffalo, NY, Mark Trzepacz was 15 years old when he started taking trumpet lessons. Remarkably, he was performing in his first band only seven months later. Growing up in Buffalo’s heavily-Polish East Side, Mark’s passion for polka music was a foregone conclusion. First playing in smaller combos, he quickly became an in-demand commodity, graduating to some of the nation’s biggest bands. It was during his tenure with The Dynatones, however, that he truly made his impact on the polka industry. Armed with a combination of crisp horn work, solid yet heartfelt vocals, and an ability to connect with the audience, Mark endeared himself to crowds at most of the nation’s premier polka clubs, dances, and festival for decades.

A Grammy-nominated musician, he also promoted polkas through his work as an arranger, composer, recording engineer, producer (engineering and producing many award-winning recordings for other notable polka artists as well), record label and studio owner, promoter and disc jockey. Today, Mark continues to demonstrate his unwavering commitment to the promotion and preservation of polka music.

In recognition of these and other achievements, the Electorate has determined Mark Trzepacz to be inducted into the Polka Music Hall of Fame®.