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Don Jodlowski was born on August 30, 1940 into a musical family that lived on the southwest side of Chicago, il. His family's love for polka music inspired him to take drum lessons at a young age. Don developed his skills so that by the 1960's he was drumming with bands that included Joe “Pat” Paterek, Johnny Bomba, Li'l Richard Towalski, Li'l wally Jagiello, the Ampol Aires, and Frankie Yankovic. He was the regular drummer for the Polkaliers, who recorded an album on Marion Lush's Dyno label, and the leader of the Vibrasounds, who recorded Polka Magic on Eddie Blazonczyk's Bel-aire label. In 1968, Don teamed up with Eddie Blazonczyk, Johnny Hyzny, Leon Kozicki, and Joe and Jean Salomon to form the International Polka Association. He held various offices on the executive board over many years. In the 1970's, Don co-hosted the “Don and Don” and “Polkarama” radio shows.

For his many accomplishments in the polka industry, Don Jodlowski has been deemed deserving by the electorate of the International Polka Association for induction into the Polka Music Hall of Fame®.