Polka Music Hall of Fame FAQ’s

Polka Music Hall of Fame

(Q) How do you nominate someone for the IPA Hall of Fame?

(A) Potential new candidates for consideration as nominees of the International Polka Association’s Polka Music Hall of Fame for a given year, must submit their qualifications by December 1st of the previous year. This should include eleven (11) copies of their biography with age and date of starting in polka music.

Candidates must have been active for 25 years as a musician, bandleader, DJ, recording artist, vocalist, etc. They must have gained prominence on a regional to national level and list outstanding awards, accomplishments and achievements.

All entries must be submitted to: Hall of Fame Committee, PO Box 91, Dover, DE 19903.    Or via email at:  ipahalloffame@gmail.com
All questions concerning eligibility should be submitted to this committee.

(Q) The Hall of Fame site doesn’t have a photo of an inductee or the photo is poor quality.  How does that get fixed?

(A) The webmasters of this site were given the photos you see presented.  Many were very old copies of original photos and some of the images were poor replications.  If you have better digital images you’d like us to include, please send them to ipapolkas@gmail.com, along with the name of the inductee (we may not recognize some of them).  The thumbnail images are to be black and white (gray-scale) and no larger than 150 x 150 pixels.  If you don’t have a black and white photo, we can convert a color image to gray-scale. Other color images, for the body of the listing, can be any size.

(Q) I’ve noticed that some of the Hall of Fame inductees have audio files.  How do I get audio files on my page?

(A) With audio files or samples of audio files, we need written permission from the artist to post them to our site.  We respect Copyright rules and laws and want to remain compliant.  Along with permission, you may send complete songs that we could assemble into a playlist, snippets of songs as a sampler or you could create a medley of samples to create a one song sampler medley.

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