Randy Koslosky – Sergeant at Arms

IPA Hall of fame member Randy Koslosky (2015), was elected as the Sergeant at Arms in September, 2021, at the International Polka Association’s annual festival and convention.

Randy Koslosky has made significant contributions to the polka industry as a performer, songwriter, studio musician, producer, and creator of unique polka productions. Born in Pittsburgh in 1962, Randy has been actively performing polka music since 1976. He started with a band formed along with his brother that later became known as Energy. He also performed regularly with The Sounds and later joined Henny & the Versa J’s. With these bands, he has been part of several award-winning and Grammy-nominated recordings.  He continues to perform with The KOSMIX, Mon Valley PUsh, and energy.

As a songwriter Randy composed numerous songs which have been recorded by dozens of bands. Several of his songs have received awards and honors from the International Polka Association, United States Polka Association, and other polka organizations.

As a studio musician, Randy was first invited to record with The Sounds in 1987. He has recorded over 1,200 songs on more than 100 recordings with over 45 bands.

Randy has been a pioneer as the creator of many unique polka productions, including events that have helped to foster the involvement of the younger generation of polka fans. 

Gong forward, it is Randy’s mission as a officer with the International Polka Association to continue in these efforts.

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