Polka Music Awards Submission Process

2019 IPA Polka Music Awards Notice

Polka Recording Companies and Artists Must Submit Nominations by

January 14, 2020 

The International Polka Association is preparing to conduct the balloting for the annual Polka Music Awards that will determine the Favorite Polish Polka Album, Favorite International Polka Album, Favorite Polish Polka Song, Favorite International Polka Song, Favorite Polish-Style Male Vocalist, Favorite International-Style Male Vocalist, Favorite Polish-Style Female Vocalist, Favorite International-Style Female Vocalist, and Favorite Polish-Style Band, and Favorite International-Style Band for 2019. The International-Style awards recognize styles such as Slovenian, Czech, German, Dutchmen, etc.

To ensure all qualified recordings and artists are included on the ballot, recording companies and polka artists
must download, complete, and submit the IPA Polka Music Awards Affidavit found on the IPA web site at www.ipapolkas.com. The document is located under the “Hall of Fame/Music Awards Nomination Process” Tab (see below). A physical recording in compact disc (CD) format must accompany the affidavit and mailed to: IPA Polka Music Awards, P.O. Box 91, Dover, DE 19903 postmarked by January 14, 2020 . The completed affidavit may also be scanned and emailed to: ipahalloffame@gmail.com, but the CD must still be submitted even if the recording was digitally released. Please note that only recordings released between January 1 and December 31, 2019 are eligible for the Favorite Polish Polka Album, Favorite International Polka Album, and their respective Favorite Song awards. Eligible recording companies and artists may nominate one song for Favorite Song award consideration from

each released recording. Recordings released in previous years are not eligible, even if re-released as part of a new compilation album.

Prompt action is vital to ensure deserving polka recordings and artists are properly recognized for the good of the entire polka industry.

Any questions concerning this process should be directed to Fred Bulinski at ipahalloffame@gmail.com

or (443) 956-3087.


IPA Polka Hall of Fame & Music Awards Committee

Click here for the “IPA Polka Music Awards Affidavit

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