IPA Polka Music Awards Nomination Process

Each year, the International Polka Association recognizes deserving polka artists with music awards that include Favorite Album, Favorite Song, Favorite Band, Favorite Male Vocalist, and Favorite Female Vocalist for Polish and International (Slovenian, Czech, German, Dutchmen, etc.) polka styles. An academy of 195 electors from across the country determines the award winners by casting their votes on ballots that are tabulated by an independent judge.


In order to be listed on the ballot, independent artists, bandleaders, executive producers, or record label representatives must submit a completed IPA Polka Music Awards Affidavit (see link below), along with a compact disc (CD) of their recording, to the attention of: IPA Polka Music Awards Submission, P.O. Box 91, Dover, DE 19903. The recording must be released between January 1st and December 31st of a given year and the submission package postmarked by the following January 14th to be considered in the next voting cycle. Artists vying for Favorite Band and Favorite Vocalist recognition need only to release and submit a recording every three years. Any questions concerning this process should be directed to: MusicAwards@ipapolkas.com.

Click here for the “IPA Polka Music Awards Affidavit

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