Polka Links FAQ’s

Polka Links and Business Directory

(Q) Could you add my band/business to your links page?

(A) If you are a bandleader, promoter, DJ/IJ or have a polka related business, you can add and manage your own link on our site.  Send us an email to info@ipapolkas.com.  Include a user name (lowercase letters and numbers only) and your preferred email address and we will provide you with a login.  Having a login allows you advanced editing capabilities of your directory and you can make changes to it whenever they become necessary.

(Q) I already have a login to the Polka Events area.  Do I need to create a separate account for the Polka Links page?

(A) No.  Your login should work for both areas.  When you create an account for one page, the system automatically creates a login for both pages.  Contact us at info@ipapolkas.com, if your login doesn’t work for both pages and we will be sure your account is enabled for both pages.

(Q) I see a listing for my band/business.  How can I edit it?

(A) If a link has already been created for your organization, you can click on the details and you should see a button reading “Claim Listing”.  Clicking on the “Claim Listing” button starts the process of transferring the business listing to your login account.  If by chance the “Claim Listing” button doesn’t appear, send us an email at info@ipapolkas.com and we can enable the “Claim Listing” button.

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