Login FAQ’s

(Q) Why would I want a login to any of the IPA web sites?

(A) There are a couple areas that make it possible to manage your own business or events.  Logging in allows you to make changes to things you have entered into our site.

(Q) How do I get a login?

(A) You request a login by emailing us at info@ipapolkas.com.  Send us your contact email and a user name consisting of lowercase letters and numbers only.

(Q) How does a login affect Polka Events?

(A) When you submit events as a user who is logged in, you will have the capability of editing those events, should changes occur.  This will eliminate the need to contact an IPA administrator and risk not having something updated in a timely manner.

(Q) How does a login affect the Polka Directory?

(A) With a login to the IPA Polka Directory, you will be able to create your own business listing.  This is similar to having a links page, but it can include much more information and act as a mini, one page web site.  In addition, if you see your site already listed in our directory, you can click the “Claim Listing” button and take over management of the business.

(Q) Help!!! I forgot my password.

(A) On the login screen, there is a hyperlink “Lost your password?”. You can click on it and it will send you an email with a link to change your password.

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