Jill Styczynski – Director

I was appointed to the IPA Board in February of 2019.  I was honored to be asked to become Director to fill a vacant position.  In September my position was up for election, I was fortunate to be re-elected and will now serve a 2 year term as a Director from Wisconsin.

I was raised in Pulaski, WI and have been around polka music all of my life.   My love of polkas started early on when Pulaski would have Sunday afternoon dances.   Dad and Mom would know where to find me, it helped that dad was a bartender for the dances at the Stop Inn and Danceland ballrooms.  Although I haven’t played an instrument (flute) since grade school I do enjoy being around music.   Music can touch a person’s life in many ways and create memories that last a lifetime.

In 1996 I was a runner up as the UPA Queen.  It was a fun year filled with travel, attending many new festivals for me, meeting some amazing people, who I’m still friends with today, and deepening my love for the music.

Not only do I see people smile in the polka community but I continue to make people smile in my Dental Lab Business,   I have created smiles for over 30 years and owning my business for 21 of those years.

As an IPA Director I hope to introduce polka music to many who have a negative view of polka music and turn it into a positive view.   Help to preserve and pass down the history so future generations can enjoy the love of the music and their heritage as I do.

We may not be a family by blood, but we are a Polka Family connected by heart, soul and music.

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