Jake Mikrut – Director


I have been involved with the IPA since 2010 when I was appointed as Youth Advisor. It’s been a great experience because I know I’m working with like-minded people whose goal is to keep polka music alive and preserve it for future generations.

he first time I can remember being involved in polkas was when I was three years old. Rick Rzeszutko’s Music Company was performing for my grandfather’s 55th birthday party, and somehow I got up on stage and started playing Danny Okrzesik’s drums and from there the beat went on.

I’ve sat in with many great bands including The Music Company, Tony Blazonczyk’s New Phaze, Lenny Zielinski’s D Street Band, Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push, Freeze Dried, The Knewz, Polka Family, Polka Country Musicians, the IPA Tribute Band, and many more great bands.

I hope to promote polka music to everyone, not just Polish Americans, and to somehow find the missing piece of the puzzle to draw younger generations in.


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