2019 I.P.A. Hall of Fame Benefit Weekend – Ludlow, MA

On March 9th and 10th 2019, in Ludlow, Massachusetts, Polka fans from the East Coast and beyond enjoined a fun-filled weekend of polka entertainment featuring The Boys, The Eddie Forman Orchestra, Dennis Polisky & Maestro’s Men and Lenny Gomulka & Chicago Push!

The Sunday event featured a tribute to I.P.A. Hall of Famers Wanda and Stephanie Pietrzak along with an acknowledgment of the achievements of “Polka Promoters of Yesteryear”:  Bernie Goydish, Dick Pillar, Fred & Marsha Bulinski, and GIl & Mary Ziemski

Look at all of these happy polka fans at the Ludlow P.A.C.C!

Thank you all for your support of polka music and the International Polka Association Polka Music Hall of Fame!

Photos courtesy of Lynn Maynard.  Thank you very much!