2015 I.P.A Christmas Party

2105 I.P.A. Christmas Party

12-06-2015.  Polonia Banquets in Chicago

Photos courtesy of George Miller.  Thank you very much George!


Music by Santa’s Helpers.

Rick Rzeszutko, Dan Mateja, Johnny Krawisz, Mike Maduzia, Whitey Ryniec,

Mike Stapinski and Kevin Altenburg.

Engineered by Jerry Wantroba and Steve Kaminski

Vocals by the I.P.A. Chorus, I.P.A. Children’s Chorus.

And Featuring Vocalists:

John Jaworski, Patrick Henry,

Laura & Ashley Mateja, Melanie Altenburg,

Katie & Johnny Krawisz,  Bonnie & James “Whitey” Ryniec