Emma Bogdon – Director

Emma Bogdon comes from a long line of polka musicians.  Both of her grandfathers, Jim Bogdon and Bernard Koslosky Sr., played instruments and stressed the importance of playing music to their children, instilling a love of many types of music.  Emma’s uncles were always playing polkas, whether with Energy or Henny and the Versa J’s or her dad and uncle playing with the Polka Country Musicians.  Being exposed to her heritage and polka music at such an early age caused Emma to become proud of her heritage and passionate about polka music.  In 2018, Emma was crowned Teen Miss United States Polka Association at the Association’s festival over Memorial Day weekend.  During that year, she traveled all over the country, talking to everyone about why polka music meant so much to her.  In 2019, Emma decided to look to earn her Girl Scout Gold Award by promoting polkas to the youth.  That year, Emma became an IJ for the Polka Jammer and created her show, The Polka Lovin’ Girl Show, which airs Monday nights 6-7 PM EST.  Her show has been on the Polka Jammer Network for almost four years.  Currently, Emma is a Senior at Duquesne University and studies Marketing and Information Systems.  She is excited to be an IPA director to continue supporting and promoting the music that connects us all to our heritage.

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