Debbie Dunaj – Director


Debbie became an IPA director in 2012 to complete a year of a two year term that was
previously filled. She then was re-elected to a full twoyear term at the 2013 IPA convention.

Debbie is also the newest editor of the IPA newsletter. Debbie has been around polkas since before she was born. Her father, Ken, played with The Polka Sonics when she was young, so her parents would pack her up and take her along to the various events in the area. Since then she’s attended dances, festivals, and cruises from Hawaii to Delaware to the Caribbean.

Music has always been a passion for Debbie. Singing in various groups and choirs while in
school makes her appreciate polka music that much more. She sang “Thinking of You” several years back on a recording with Family Tradition, the band her father currently plays in. And once in a great while, you might catch her singing a tune on stage with some of her favorite polka bands.  If it weren’t for polka music, Debbie says she wouldn’t have made so many friends from so many destinations. To quote Jimmy Weber & The Sounds, “There may be miles and miles between us, but we’re not that far apart. Remember all these good times, and hear the sounds within your heart.”

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