Christy Nowakowski – Director

Christy Nowakowski was elected as an Illinois Director at the 53rd Annual International Polka Association Festival and Convention.  

Polka music has always been a huge part of Christy’s life.  In fact, her parents joke that her first words as a child were “Fiddle Faddle.”  Her parents, Mike and Diane Nowakowski, were both raised in the Chicago area with polka music being an integral part of their upbringings.  Christy always associates her Polish roots to her Grandpa, who always made sure polka music’s presence was made at family parties and events. She always shared such a bond with her Grandpa because of polka music and will forever be grateful to him for sharing all his music with her.

As a child, Christy would attend local dances and festivals in the midwest with her family.  Once she graduated High School, she began to travel more to “new” festivals, was introduced to bands she never heard before, and met lots of people from all over the country.  From these road trips, Christy’s love for traveling grew, and now she tries to attend as many dances and festivals as possible.  Christy laughs when she often gets asked by her coworkers, “What state are you off to this weekend for your polkas?” She also has gained some of the strongest friendships that she’s ever had, making all of her polka friends more like family.

Christy has always felt that this “Polka World” we have is one of the greatest blessings not only in her life, but all of our lives.  Now being a Director for the IPA, Christy wants to make sure that this world we love continues and grows, and encourage young polka music fans to get involved so the future generations can experience what we have all been so lucky to have. 

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