Annie Stec – Director

Annie Stec:  Director (MI)

Hey there! Meet Annie Stec from Wyandotte, Michigan. She was elected as a Director from Michigan for the International Polka Association Board at the 2021 IPA Festival & Convention. Annie’s polka roots stem from her dad, Larry Stec, whose love of the music (and far away travels for small amounts of time with friends) inspired Annie to become as involved as she is today. 

Annie’s love of Polish dance started at PRCU 162 at the age of three, thanks to her mom Tracie Stec. She spent every Tuesday night there until the age of 18, learning the traditional dances of Poland. During her senior year, she was an honored graduate at the 25th Annual PRCUA Shirley Ann Galanty Michigan State Ball. When asked what she wanted for Christmas, Annie said “a trip to Polka Fireworks.” Because of that 2016 festival, she began attending more polka dances and found her niche. Ever since, she cannot picture her life without polkas. 


As an IPA Director, Annie wants to spread the love of the music and culture far and wide. She hopes to strengthen and grow the IPA by getting more people involved, especially those in the upcoming generation. Annie wants to see polkas live on beyond her years so that others can see all the fun polka music can bring.

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