Music Awards FAQ’s

Music Awards Eligibility

(Q) How do I submit my recording for the IPA music awards?

(A) The International Polka Music Hall of Fame® and Chairman, Fred Bulinski, strongly urges any recording company and/or polka band who has released recordings during the calendar year to notify and remit that recording to him as soon as possible. This is to determine eligibility for the Annual Polka Music Awards which will be presented at the annual festival at the Polka Music Hall of Fame® and Music Awards banquet.

Registered companies will receive affidavits which MUST be completed and returned to the International Polka Music Hall of Fame Chairman, Fred Bulinski, by the deadline of JANUARY 14. ONLY those recordings which were produced during the previous year will be accepted.

For example; to be eligible for the 2019 awards, you must have recorded your compilation during 2018 and submit to the IPA by January 14, 2019.

The recordings, which are determined eligible, will be placed on a master list, mailed to the IPA electors, and then be selected to receive the favorite song and favorite album of the year.

The IPA electors represent the various geographical areas within the United States as well as Canada.

For nearly 50 years, the International Polka Association has presented awards to deserving bands and vocalists.

It is requested that copies that are eligible be sent to the IPA Polka Music Hall of Fame Chairman when affidavits are returned.


IPA Hall of Fame Committee
PO Box 91
Dover, DE 19903

Or via email at:

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