Next General Meeting of the International Polka Association


Our next General Meeting of the

International Polka Association

will be held as follows:

Date:  May 12, 2021

Time: 7 pm Central Time.  8 pm Eastern Time

Location: Web-Ex Video Conference


Thank you to all the members who attended our previous IPA General Meetings.

The IPA Board will be hosting the next General Meeting on May 12th, 2021, and we would like to invite all members to this event, which will be broadcasted virtually using WebEx. 

All members can dial in using their computers, mobile devices, or telephones. This meeting is an excellent opportunity for members to hear the future direction of the IPA and provide the opportunity to ask the Board of Directors questions.

To register for the IPA General Meeting, simply:

Click here to Register or Join our IPA General Meeting

Once you enter your information, the IPA Board will approve your registration, and you will receive detailed information about the General Meeting. 
You can submit questions to the IPA board either during the General Meeting
or before the session with the instructions below:

Submitting Questions To The IPA Board

We know there are many members that have questions for the IPA Board. For this General Meeting, we are also going to provide the option to submit questions prior to the meeting To submit questions to the IPA Board, please send an email to
All attendees to the general meeting will have the option to submit questions during the live event as well. However given time constraints, we may not be able to address all live questions during the meeting.

Special Guest Interview:  Craig Ebel

Craig Ebel is a 2012 Inductee into the IPA Hall of Fame. Ever since Craig was a little boy, in addition to being a musician, he wanted to be a polka DJ. He used to pretend he was an announcer by turning cardboard boxes into control boards. He would take tubes and dials from old televisions he found at the dump and affix them to the cardboard boxes. He would spend hours introducing songs and telling his audience about the bands.

In September of 1994, Craig began airing a 2 hour “flagship” edition of “It’s Polka Time!” which aired on Sunday mornings over AM 1220 WMGT in Stillwater, MN. His show soon became the only polka show airing in the Twin Cities. “It’s Polka Time!” is syndicated on many radio stations across the United States including on the Polka Jammer Network.

In addition to his radio duties on “It’s Polka Time!”, Craig has been playing drums professionally for over 30 years in all styles of music including rock, country, big band, and polka. He has performed with America’s Polka King Frank Yankovic, Grammy Award Winner Walter Ostanek, Myron Floren of the Lawrence Welk Show, Dick Contino, The Mrozinski Brothers Aleatoric Ensemble, John Filipczak & The Classics, The Six Fat Dutchmen, Nashville’s Joey Miskulin, Leroy Larson & The Minnesota Scandinavian Ensemble, Roger Bright, and now as leader of his own band: DyVersaCo.

* * * * * * * * * *
Please Note:
This meeting will be different than a typical Webex/Zoom/Skype meeting
that you might have experienced in the past.


The application being used is specifically intended for conference-style presentations
where the “panel” of Board members will be presented to the “audience”,
and the individuals of the “audience” will be on mute with their video turned off.
This will help mitigate the foreseeable issues of a large group conference
like background noise and interruptions.
Members will be able to submit their questions to the Board
 which will be read aloud and answered. 
To submit questions to the IPA Board, please send an email to


Click here to Register or Join our IPA General Meeting


We will be discussing all topics pertaining to upcoming IPA sponsored events as well as other necessary functions regarding our organization.

Please plan on attending and participating in this meeting for YOUR

International Polka Association






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