IPA Young Songwriter’s Competition

So you think you can compose a hit polka or waltz? 
      • This competition will be open to anyone between the ages of ten (10) and thirty-five (35) years of age as of August 1st, 2020. 
      • It will be open to amateur and professional songwriters of any polka genre. 
      • All submissions will be judged by a panel of polka industry songwriting professionals. 
      • The winning song will win a certificate and $750! The second place winner will receive $250! 

    One special note: songs must not have been previously recorded or broadcast in any public media including YouTube, social media and digital download, so be careful not to share your genius just yet!


    *Frequently Asked Questions*
    Can I submit more than one song?
    YES! Just fill out a separate submission form for each song, and email the demo, lead sheet, lyrics and submission form to composer@ipapolkas.com
    What if all my attachments are too big to include on a single email?
    We recommend using dropsend.com to send larger files by email for free.
    Can I hand-write my lead sheet if I do not have music notation software?
    Yes, of course! Just be as neat and accurate as possible. Make sure to include the melody, chords, and
    lyrics (if it is a vocal).
    Can I write an instrumental?
    Can I write lyrics in a different language other than English?
    No. The majority of the song needs to be conveyed in English. However, you can include a few words or phrases from other languages in the lyrics.
    What will the song be judged on?
    Is it catchy? Can I sing along the next time I hear it? Does the song relate to a large audience? There will be an element of “music theory” weighed into the judging, but the majority of the judging points will be with the song’s esthetics.
    How can I record a demo of my song?
    You can use smart phone apps like VoiceMemos, etc. as long as you can share the demo as an MP3 file. The demo does not need to be professionally produced. As long as we can hear the melody and lyrics along with accompaniment such as guitar, piano, accordion, etc.
    Who can I contact if I have more questions?
    Email us at composer@ipapolkas.com and we will answer any questions you might have.


    Have Fun! . . . Be Creative! . . . And Enjoy!

    Click Here for the I.P.A. Young Songwriter’s Submission Form

    Click Here for the Sample Lead Sheet

    Click Here to listen to our Audio Clip

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