Board of Directors Election Eligibility

Listed below are the requirements for candidacy for the IPA Board of Directors.

All Positions:  Nominees shall not occupy any appointed or elected office of any other polka association.  No nomination shall be valid unless agreed to by the nominee, either orally or in writing, at the time of the nomination.

President (1-yr. term) and 1st Vice President (2-yr. term)–Nominee must have served at least two or more years on the Executive Board.

The following positions are a 2-yr. term and require nominees to be a member in good standing for one full year:

2nd Vice President


Financial Secretary


Sergeant at Arms

6 Illinois Directors

6 Non-Illiniois Directors

Requirements for Elections:  

Voters must be a member of the IPA for no less than 30 days before the Annual Meeting. Each nominee must be able to actively utilize e-mail and conference calling.  Meetings are generally held on Tuesdays, but flexibility in this regard is appreciated.  All members seeking a position on the board should expect to receive assigned duties and responsibilities.  These will include activities which support the ongoing operation of the organization, working at our annual convention and all other IPA events, as well as special projects as needed throughout the course of their term of office.

See the link  below for a detailed description the International Polka Assoc.’s Election Process:

Click here for the I.P.A. Election Process Document



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